Radio 5 reports on a successful
ground source heat pump installation
by Groundtherm

18 September 2019


Edwardian House, Manchester

Alternatives to gas heating

BBC Radio 5 Live reports on a successful retrofit of a ground source heat pump in an Edwardian house in Manchester:

Anne Bourner is delighted with her ground source heat pump which was installed five years ago by Groundtherm Ltd. Two boreholes for heat exchange with the ground were drilled in her back garden, which avoided the need to install a slinky ground array.

This heating upgrade successfully replaced her previous gas boiler.



Ground Source Heat Pumps can be installed in a wide variety of properties

Ground source heat pumps can reduce carbon emissions by 75% when powered by electricity from the grid. They reduce carbon emissions by 100% if powered by green electricity.

Ground source heat pumps can be retrofitted to older properties as well as being installed in new builds.

Heat pumps have been successfully installed in stately homes, listed buildings and National Trust properties: see GSHP Case Studies.



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