Energy Security Strategy

The much delayed Energy Security Strategy has now been published on 7 April 2022.

GSHPA welcomes the ambition of increasing electricity generation from renewables, but is concerned that there is no evidence of ambition to reduce dependence on burning gas for heating, or to improve energy efficiency or encourage the move toward heat pumps. No 10 Downing Street

Laura Bishop, Chair of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association said: "The Government's Energy Security Strategy published today represents a missed opportunity. Instead of focusing on immediate measures to reduce dependence on expensive imported gas, including accelerating the rollout of heat pumps, the Strategy focuses on the government's favoured electricity generating technologies, including those with long lead in times. This will do nothing to address the immediate cost of living and energy crises facing UK consumers."

"We welcome the announcement of a new grant competition for UK heat pump manufacturing and a government information website for heat pumps, but again, this will do little in the short term to boost heat pump demand, or put the UK on course to delivering the Prime Minister's target of 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028."

"The GSHPA has been calling for an acceleration of the welcome measures contained in last year's Heat and Buildings Strategy, but today's announcements provide no additional funding for consumers wanting to switch to heat pumps, nor give any clear indication of when the legacy environmental costs on electricity bills will be removed."

"We needed to see far greater urgency in today's announcements, with a clear focus on reducing energy demand in the short-term. We didn't get it."


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