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Net Zero
The UK's contribution to stopping global warming

May 2019


The Committee on Climate Change has just released its report "Net Zero – The UK's contribution to stopping global warming" which gives a clear endorsement to the use of heat pumps for low-carbon heating.

GSHPA welcomes the Net Zero report and the key recommendation that the UK should implement policies that lead to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. The report summarises the scientific evidence for human induced climate change, including evidence collected by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and discusses international agreements, including the UN Paris Agreement. The 277 pages are recommended reading but, for those short on time, some quotes are included here:

GSHPA welcomes the CCC's wish to see increased use of heat pumps in UK

See GSHPA's statement of 2 May 2019 welcoming the CCC report.


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