Ground Source Heat Pump Association


Council Members

Simon Lomax, Managing Director, Kensa Engineering

Simon Lomax

Simon Lomax joined Kensa Heat Pumps Ltd, the UK's only manufacturer of a full range of ground source heat pumps, as Managing Director in 2007. A sales and marketing specialist, Simon also sits on the MCS Heat Pump Technical Working Group and is regularly asked to contribute towards the development of Government policy. Prior to joining Kensa, Simon held a senior management role at a leading underfloor heating supplier having earlier established North American operations for two companies engaged in the sale of personal protective equipment.

He is Chairman of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

John Findlay, Director, Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd

John Findlay

John has over 30 years international geosciences and engineering project management experience ranging from oil exploration to water resource management. He is a Chartered Engineer and formed Carbon Zero Consulting as demand grew for high level independent technical design input to Ground-Source Heating and Cooling schemes. His mix of engineering, geology and borehole expertise is well suited to the complex demands of the open and closed loop GSHC market.

John has worked closely on some of the UK's largest open and closed loop heating and cooling schemes as well as many high profile water supply projects. Both areas require sound knowledge of UK geology, hydrogeology, borehole techniques and the regulatory environment. Together with Holymoor Consultancy, John worked to develop the Environment Agency guidance documents for good practice in GSHC and the BGS online screening tool for open loop development.

He is Vice Chairman of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Edward Thompson, Director, ICAX Ltd

Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson joined Mark Hewitt, an architect who has specialised in energy-efficient buildings for many years, and Andy Ford, a mechanical services engineer and founding partner of Fulcrum Consulting, who jointly developed the ideas that led to Interseasonal Heat Transfer, Thermal Banks and solar assisted ground source energy. This novel ICAX approach to harnessing ground source energy has provided innovative systems for supermarkets, schools, community centres and for maintaining roads free of ice and snow.

After reading science at Oxford, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and working in finance, computing and venture capital Edward has specialised in helping young companies with new ventures. He was formerly a partner in the Management Buy Out firm ECI Ventures.

He is Treasurer of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Bean Beanland, Sales Director, isoenergy Ltd

Bean Beanland

Bean has been with isoenergy since returning from New Zealand in 2008 and spends much of his time out on site getting to understand the specific demands, requirements and aspirations of potential clients. He is particularly interested in the optimisation of the technology fit to the energy demands, natural assets and lifestyle of the sites and clients where he is engaged. A further focus is supporting the continuous improvement in the quality of ground-source installation to reduce the instances of failure which can be so damaging to our industry.

Bean has an Honours Degree in Physics from Imperial College and is an Associate on the Royal College of Science. He sits on the MCS Working Group for Heat Pumps and on the Ofgem Domestic RHI Industry Forum where installer representation is invaluable in ensuring that the burden on the renewables contractor is kept to manageable levels. When he is not working he watches, by his own admission, far too much rugby.

Michael Chendorain, Arup

Michael Chendorain

Michael leads Arup's ground energy and geothermal engineering efforts both in the UK and internationally. He has led and managed GSHP design projects in the UK (predominantly in London) and in the United States (at projects in Washington DC, New York, and Virginia). He also specialises in geothermal project economics and government subsidy, both in the UK and internationally. He is also a professional civil engineer in the US state of California and he has lived in the UK since 2012.

Robin Curtis, GeoScience Ltd

Robin Curtis

Robin Curtis is a Principal Consultant of Geoscience based in Falmouth, Cornwall. When working at the Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Project in Cornwall in 1984 he developed an interest in ground source heat pump technology. Since 1992 has been responsible for the introduction and promotion of these systems in the UK. He has been involved in the design, installation and commissioning of a variety of ground source heat pump systems from the smallest social housing installations up to some of the largest closed loop projects in the UK.

Robin is the author of several papers and articles on ground source energy, and is an engineering member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association. He is a member of the editorial board of Geothermics, and has been involved in a number of GSHP training initiatives.

Chris Davidson, Technical Director, Genius Energy Labs

Chris Davidson

Chris graduated in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College before working for ten years in Marketing and Business Systems at Ford Motor Company. In 2001 he cofounded Geothermal International and is a leading designer, speaker and trainer on ground source heat pump systems.



Kieran Dineen, Terra Firma Ground Investigations Ltd

Kieran Dineen

Kieran is the commercial and technical director of Terra Firma a specialist geotechnical practice providing contracting and consulting services across the construction industry. A Civil Engineering graduate Kieran has more than 25 years' experience in the industry including many years consulting and advising on Geothermal Energy projects.

Kieran spent ten years of his mid-career at Imperial College undertaking a PhD and supervising and managing research into ground engineering which led directly to the setting up of a spin out company from Imperial in 2000.

He has particular expertise in geotechnical design and construction as well as wider experience across civil engineering infrastructure. Kieran has acted as expert witness on a number of ground engineering related problems, holds an accredited qualification as an expert witness and is also an accredited construction mediator.

Karl Drage

Karl Drage Karl Drage was a director of GI Energy for ten years. During that time the company installed over 1,000 ground source heat pumps, from small installations to some of the largest in Europe (5.4MW). He was chairman of the GSHPA between 2006 and 2010 and was involved in the development of the MCS standard.

Andrea Ellison, Dragon Drilling

Andrea Ellison Andrea Ellison is co-founder and Finance Director of Dragon Drilling (Water & Energy) Ltd and Dragon Drilling (Landfill) Ltd as well as Plant Hire Company Envirohire Ltd and an Environmental Consultancy. After an initial career in accounts with a national brewery chain, Andrea trained as a maths teacher and was headmistress of a private school until leaving education in 2010 to concentrate on the family businesses. She became involved with the GSHPA in 2014 and has been actively involved in the promotion of the technology and the Association as Deputy Chairman of the Marketing Committee. With experience in finance, company law, operating a private school and three commercial organisations Andrea has brought a wide range of skills to the GSHPA as well as the drive to promote the use of heat pumps to politicians, installers and potential users. An excellent communicator, she has a no-nonsence approach to business and a proven record of achieving demanding targets.

Dave Jenkinson, Director of Sales, Marton Geotechnical Services

Dave Jenkinson Dave has worked within the plastics industry for over 30 years of which the last 18 years have been with MGS. Since the acquisition of Geothermal Supplies, MGS have built a strong business in the UK and Europe. MGS is involved in promoting and selling products into the Geothermal industry with the goal of becoming a truly one stop shop for the Geothermal market - from Fraste drill rigs through to a complete range of loops, manifolds, grouts and ancillary products. Dave has worked within the GSHPA marketing committee to promote the GSHPA and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from within the industry to assist the GSHPA in developing the Ground Source industry.

Neil Lawson, Geothermal International

Neil Lawson ia a specialist thermal engineer for domestic, commercial, process, petrochemical and utility scales. Since 2007 he has been involved in the GSHP industry firstly as Technical Director of ISOEnergy developing efficient solutions for rural estates, exemplar green buildings and low carbon hotels using GSHP and since 2014 as Technical & Operations Director at Geothermal International moving into the integration of GSHPs with other low carbon technologies such as PV, solar thermal, CHP and waste heat for heating/cooling at the 3MW scale. He is also a Director of Sandford Hydro CIC, which is developing 170kW of hydro power coupled to a series of GSHPs to provide heat and power to a community. Since 2011 I have been lobbying government on the benefits of the GSHP beyond the RHI.

Michael Moggeridge, LWRC, Mannvit Group

Michael Moggeridge

Michael has worked as a geologist in many locations around the world. Following a career in mineral exploration, landfill design and geothermal drilling contracts management, the opportunity arose to develop an environmental consultancy into a leading consultancy specialising in water resources and renewable energy. Michael has been involved in ground source energy schemes that range from single house social domestic projects up to large multiple megawatt open and closed loop projects. He now works for Vatnaskil LWRC who can provide design and project management services for a wide range of environmental and renewable energy technologies across the UK and Europe.

Steve Richmond, Business Team Manager - Renewables, Rehau

Steve Richmond

Steve Richmond works for Rehau Ltd in promoting its polymer range of pipework and accessories in support of the ground source energy industry. REHAU is a 15,000 strong polymer manufacturer and has been manufacturing ground source pipes in Germany for many years. Steve has been involved since 2006 when REHAU launched their ground source range in the UK. The latest range now includes innovations such as spiral Helix probes and 800m high pressure probes.

Steve is also involved in organising Rehau's CPD seminars and events to promote the uptake of ground source heat pump technology in the UK, including Underground Thermal Energy Storage and District Heating.

Dave Thompson, Ground Heat Installations Ltd

Dave Thompson David Thompson has over 35 years' experience in the heating industry. He has been designing systems and installing ground source heat pumps since 2003 when he was called out to address a problem with a ground source heat pump. This catalysed a passionate interest in ground source which led to Ground Heat being established in 2006. Since then he has pushed the boundaries of the heat pump installations with his innovative designs in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Dave promotes the ground source industry at every opportunity, engaging with social landlords, manufacturers and representatives from DECC who have recognised his work in addressing fuel poverty in social housing. He has won many national awards for his designs and Ground Heat has recently been awarded the accolade of Commercial Installer of the Year 2015 at the Heating & Renewable Roadshow Awards.

Tim Williams, Go Geothermal

Tim Williams

Tim has worked extensively in the water and gas pipeline industry where he first learned of the technology by chance. As a director of Go Geothermal he enjoys strong relationships with many leading brands of heat pumps and associated products suppliers as well as progressive installers of the technology.

An advocate of the benefits of Ground Source for many years Tim is keen to ensure the industry continues to flourish and elevate the sector to become the main stream solution for UK housing stock.

The GSHPA also offers non-voting position on the Council to a repesentative from each of the Heat Pump Association and the British Drilling Association.

Others serving on sub-committees

Nic Wincott, Chief Executive, GSHPA

Nic Wincott

Nic Wincott's interest in heat pumps goes back many years. After a brief dabble in the early 1980's predominantly with air source in swimming pools, he rejoined the industry ten years ago with the intention of walking the walk when most others were only talking the talk.

This approach has given him a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of heat pump systems and system design and in particular of ground heat exchangers of all types and sizes. Nic's collaboration with Prof Goran Hellstrom of NeoEnergy (Sweden) AB has broadened the scope of this expertise particularly into Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES). Well conceived, designed and executed use of UTES can not only reduce operation costs, with its associated energy and CO2 savings but frequently reduces the cost of the installation too.

The Council is the governing body of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.


Training & Standards Committee

Robin Curtis, Kieran Dineen, John Findlay and Steve Richmond.

Policy Development Committee

Chris Davidson, Bean Beanland, Simon Lomax, Edward Thompson and Nic Wincott.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Andrea Ellison, Dave Jenkinson, Michael Moggeridge, Dave Thompson, Edward Thompson and Tim Williams.

The Association provides information on GSHPs and makes presentations to promote the ground source industry to key audiences.

For more information about the work of the Association, or about Ground Source Heat Pumps, please e-mail, telephone us on 01824 750 165 or write to the address below.


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