Ground Source Heat Pump Association


CP3 Launch
Low Carbon Heating & Cooling
from Groundwater
for commercial & residential developments
Fifth Generation district heating and cooling networks
2 July at the Building Centre, Store Street, London
1.30 - 5 pm


GSHPA and CIBSE will launch the latest Code of Practice for the UK: CP3 Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps on 2 July 2019.

The CP3 launch is targeted at main contractors, developers, commercial consultancies, regulators and key decision-makers in the Built Environment inside the M25, and at all CIBSE members.

The agenda includes an overview of the previous Codes, CP1 on Heat Networks and CP2 on Surface Water Source Heat Pumps, as well as the launch of CP3 on Groundwater Heat Pumps. Presentations will cover case studies and a summary of heat pump policy in London.

Whilst the CP3 launch is part of London Climate Action Week and the case studies of large scale groundwater source heat pumps are likely to be London-based, the concepts are all fully portable and are equally valid in other cities and off the gas environment.

Groundwater heat pumps provide an opportunity to install Fifth Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks, particularly in those areas with access to the London Aquifer, or other large bodies of subterranean water.

The Code of Practice, which has been produced by a steering committee with lead authorship from the GSHPA will be launched on 2 July at the Building Centre, Store Street, London.

There is no charge to attend if you register for the CP3 launch.

The Code of Practice can be bought from CIBSE CP3.


"May the Code be with you".


CIBSE and the GSHPA are grateful to the headline sponsors for this launch seminar.